Freezone Tuffweed

Tuffweed Glyphosate 360 Aquatic

  • Multi Purpose Weed Killer
  • Kills Weeds Roots & All
  • 2 hour Rainfast
  • In-built formulation technology
  • Kills Aquatic weeds in dams & waterways
  • Pet & Livestock friendly
  • Non-residual
  • Super Quality
  • 10ml = 1L of ready to use weed Killer
  • Woody Weeds/Un-wanted trees.

Tuffweed Glyphosate 680 Granules

  • Thistles
  • Nut grass
  • Triple action surfactant package-Wet-Stick-Rain Fast
  • Kills Weeds Roots & All * Non-residual
  • Ok for use around Pets & Livestock
  • Highly effective
  • Smart Granule
  • Super Concentrate
  • Weeds
  • Blackberry
  • Bamboo

Tuffweed exact dose sachets

Tuffweed Exact Dose Sachets are developed to deliver you a power packed 680g/kg Glyphosate in a dry Granular formulation which is quick, clean and ready to use when you are. Each sachet is filled with a prescriptive dose of Tuffweed Weed Killer, this ensures minimal waste and maximises results, reducing risks of over and under that can lead to resistance.

Tuffweed Easy Dose sachets provide an “Easy to Use” alternative to “Ready to Use” weed killers, where customers are paying for the water that has been used to dilute their product, this can also result in product degradation over periods of time sitting on the shelf or at home. Unlike some “Ready to Use” weed killers, Tuffweed sachets maintain freshness when sealed- When you’re ready to spray, Tuffweed sachets will be just as powerful and effective as the day you bought them!


DYEWEED Spray Marker Dye

Red marker dye for use with Herbicides/Weed killer & Insecticides.

Clearly shows where you have been, excellent for use with Tuffweed 360, 680, Tuffnut and other Insecticides & herbicides.

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