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What's The Difference?

Like no other anticoagulant bait RATSHOT with DIFenacoum is different by targeting both Rats & Mice much more specifically with relatively small amounts of bait to kill. RATSHOT with Difenacoum is highly effective on Mice & Rats but equally important lower in toxicity to Non-Target animals compared to other Rodenticides making it the product of choice in sensitive baiting areas around Children, Pets, Birds, Wild life & Live Stock in Commercial, Agriculture and domestic situations.

RATSHOT employs the A.I Difenacoum, delivering significant advantages to customers in a number of ways.
1. Most Rat & Mouse specific Anticoagulant Rodenticide 
2. Relatively low amounts of bait to Kill Rats & Mice
3. Now the product of choice for customers who need effective control with reduced Risk
4. Science-based formulation, Tasty Paste & All-weather Blocks (Always read the approved label)


Explosive power

RATSHOT Final Kill Paste & Rapidkill Blocks employ the explosive power of Brodifacoum making them ONE-FEED Killers and super effective for high rodent populations.
1. Most powerful active available, 
2. Genuine ONE-FEED killing power of both Rats and Mice
3. Science based formulation, All-weather Rapidkill Blocks
4. Final Kill Tasty Paste (Always read the approved label) 

1. NEW High Quality Compact design
2. Includes securing rods & mounting bracket
3. High bait capacity Block, Paste, Grain Baits, Pellets
4. Protects Kids, Pets, Live Stock and Wild Life

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